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Five Doable Tips To Be More Productive

Posted by Heidi Young on

Every day, almost everyone struggles in getting up for work but we do it anyways because we have to.  On some days, it’s a really intense battle between productivity and laziness — the latter always wins. It’s a bad habit that’s hard to break and we have to do something about it. We don’t have to wait for a new year to make a new year’s resolution, do we? It’s never too late to change, so here are a few productivity tips to get that butt off the couch and start working.


Take control of your plans. Allowing other people to have a say in your daily activities can cause you problems you don’t need. Control your plans, control your own time. If you have to keep your calendar for colleagues to see, at least block out dates where you can need to run errands in that women’s clothing store down the road or at least bought some jumpsuits and rompers for women.


Make meetings short. Setting up long hours of meeting tend to be so dragging which invites unnecessary discussions into the meeting and slightly getting off track the agenda. Avoid this by shortening meetings. It’s a good way to train time management so as not to get distracted when trying to reach the goal of finishing within a time period.


Stop multitasking.

Multitasking is not actually a thing. It is impossible for a human brain to focus on two things at once. One simply cannot pick out pieces of men’s clothing and champagne sequin bridesmaid dress while negotiating with someone on the phone. It’s just doing one of them with 100% focus and doing the other activity absent-mindedly.


Turn off your notifications. Yes, turning off your phone completely might not be an option due to some important calls you might get however you can control distracting notifications. The pop ups on our phone is a temptation for us to stop the work we’re doing to check on our social media for a minute. Might as well, set it off until you’re 8-9 hours of work is over.


Sometimes, perfect isn’t good. When it comes to our work, we always want it to be excellent and sometimes we don’t stop unless it’s perfect. Achieving perfection is a good goal, but it becomes bad when it’s the reason of your delay. There are times that we feel our work isn’t perfect when it already is good enough because we tend to overthink. We need to remind ourselves that sometimes, good can already be enough for success.  So the next time this happens, take a breather and move on to the next item on your to do list.