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The Fashion Style of Milliennials

Posted by Heidi Young on

Dominating the world right now is the biggest generation alive, the millennials. Ever since the rise of these kids born from 1982-2004 (according to researchers Neil Howe and William Strauss), they created a voice which the world now listens to. A lot of social issues have now been made known, addressed and supported by many because of the brave ones who made great efforts to speak up. Millennials are game changers in their own way, and one of the things they’re doing so well in is changing the game in fashion and driving fashion trends that a lot of people from different generations learn to love. What is really the millennial style?


To describe it in three words, the millennials style is comfortable, unique and classic. Every millennial makes sure to be comfortable in what they wear. Gone are the days when people would sacrifice comfort just to look good. Right now, it’s about looking good and still being comfortable. Some millennials even work around a pair of sneakers to decide what they’re going to wear for the day. On some days, a high quality t-shirt dress or an elegant one piece jumpsuit and ballet flats are already good enough for them.


The millennial style is unique. They bring the “fashion is a form of self-expression”, buying cheap diamond engagement rings for women to a whole new level by customizing and being involved how they’re clothes are made for them.  Buying something and adding a personal touch to it is a habit of millennials. They have their things customized to represent themselves and to be different because standing out is important to this generation. Also, millennials like being involved. They appreciate brands who have a transparency in the making of clothes, and those who have a website or any avenue where they can input their comments and suggestions for better service.


Lastly, millennials love a classic some loves best online women’s clothing stores. They invest in timeless pieces that don’t go out of style. This gives them the classy edge which can make them stand out wherever they go. Examples of these timeless classics are a pair of amazon sterling silver earrings, Levi’s pants, Sperry kicks, a Kate Spade bag or a Rolex watch. Everyone loves to look good and the millennials are definitely not left behind when in comes to being in style. People belonging in different generations are even embracing the millennial style nowadays and are loving it. After all, what’s not to love about being fashionably comfortable?