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The evolution of the men’s vogue

Posted by Heidi Young on

Fashion history of men and unique engagement rings for women traces back during the prehistoric times, wherein cavemen would wear animal skin for the purpose of protecting their self against the harsh weather. However, as we started to revolutionized as civilized men, the motivational cause of fabric has flourished into an aesthetic beautification for a dual purpose item. Even the raw materials that has been utilized in making a cloth has changed, because of the discoveries of the insects that could produce a very fine silk.

The clothing of a man varies depending on the culture he belongs, and there are other factors that would affect their style and one of which is the weather, environment and the necessity. Furthermore, experts would define fashion as a functional purpose of a clothing, but it won’t be a reason to make any men boost their confidence nor appearance. However, this is an idea that is contradicting to everybody’s thought.

During the early years of 18th Century, the need of financial support has increased, so what the people did to sustain it, they came up of an idea to make the clothing not only for functional purposes, but to showcase beauty in a very manly way.

Aside from the fashion, in order to demonstrate social status, dressmakers made a specific color and style of fabric to show ranks in the society. This is to help people determine which one should be hailed and respected for. Especially during the victorian era, men’s clothing has emerged into a very formal suit that has an entailed detail of perfection from the hardships of the dressmakers.

That’s the main reason, why there are different swimwear boutique bathing suits and clothing style for specific occupation, activity and social status. This traditional way is still present in our era. Furthermore, the in-depth comprehension of the evolution of clothing that would cover only the intimate parts into a clothing for the men activewear and men’s footwear.